What is npm? or “npm install”. It stands for node package manager, What is Node? essentially my poor definition is, JavaScript packages you can install to complete certain tasks, things like deploying a prebuilt index.php or index.html page on your website that work’s more so like a web app, or mobile application. Node is just plain awesome because JavaScript is Awesome.

These are all the relevant links regarding the info graphic above;

  • https://docs.npmjs.com/                   Extensive Node Video Tutorial Archive
  • https://www.npmjs.com/whoshiring  Just look at the companies on this page….Wow HBO?
  • http://zen.digital/careers/
  • https://airtable.com/jobs
  • https://www.brightcove.com/en/company/careers

Twit.tv has a show called FLOSS Weekly, which stands for “free libre open source software” Episode 435 entitled npm where their guest Issac Schlueter of npmjs.com spoke. I think its a great spot to here a developer speak on server side javascript and user facing js. After that why not try your hand at npm commands in your terminal or command prompt. In the mean time the video is below;