The TOP 5 characteristics of a Successful Affiliate marketing Program

#1 Care about People

Let’s be real… affiliate marketing is all about relationships and trust. In fact, the most notable and successful affiliates put people ahead of profit. When you’re connecting with others and encouraging them to run traffic to your offer, you’ll have much more success if they feel that you are treating them like a real person and not a tool to be exploited.


Whether you’re talking with an affiliate on the phone or meeting somebody for the first time at a trade show, ask yourself, “Do I really care about them and their experience?” If the answer is “no”, they’re feeling it and they’ll hold you in no special regard either. If the answer is “yes”, they’ll likely go above and beyond to find a way to work with you. People are always seeking deeper relationships, so be okay with vulnerability. Broadcasting your successes is boring to others. Communicating your mistakes made and lessons learned makes you human and interesting. In any given day there are affiliates and advertisers who are bombarded with shallow conversations and selfserving introductions, you’ll be a breath of fresh air to those you meet and you’ll be remembered for it.

#2 Know your target audience

In order to get your product or service in front of the right buyers, you need to identify and understand your target audience.

Don’t fall into the mental trap of “my stuff is for everyone”, because it’s not! You’re either selling stuff to homeowners or renters, men or women, the young, middle aged or elderly. Get the idea? The more focused you are on who you market to, the more successful you’ll be.

Identify and focus on your audience’s motives and frustrations to magnify how you you will make their day better or improve their status. If you are having trouble finding a place to start, analyze your current customers and use that information to create a “lookalike” audience. Then, use leading social sites to show your advertisement that are specific for that group of buyers.There are some great tools that will guide you through this process. One favorite that is very well known is from They have lesson tutorials and videos that will walk you and your team through the process of identifying your audience and creating a statement of value to use as the basis of your marketing to them.

#3 Stay organized

Once your affiliate program starts to grow, you need to be organized in order to avoid chaos. To fight the chaos, you need reliable affiliate tracking software that can easily track your sales, manage your affiliates and calculate their commissions. Stay clear of affiliate marketing software that’s clumsy, unreliable, or relatively unknown in affiliate marketing.  Nothing upsets affiliates more than when their tracking links go down and they stop making money. Getting organized out the gate will save you headaches and money down the road! Plus, a professional tracking system adds bucket loads of credibility to your business.

#4 Focus on a Niche Market

Don’t try to be everything to everybody; and the same goes for the offers you select to advertise or promote. The best affiliate marketers are specialists within a niche market. They are not trying to sell everything Amazon has, instead they strategically identify and select products and services that fit within the niche industry or market that they know they can do well in.

Choose a niche product or service that you are knowledgeable in or passionate about. What industries are you an expert in? What products do you love? What do you know more about than most people?

You can always have mediocre success from selling lots of differing products or you can laser focus on a specific market that you’re already considered an expert in or at least have experience or interest.

The most successful affiliate marketers get really specialized in a single area, such as health care, auto loans, tanning etc.

#5 join an industry peer group

You can avoid common mistakes and receive quality advice from your peers in affiliate marketing. You can’t know everything , but with a few good friends in the industry, you’ll know a lot more then you could have. Successful affiliate marketers leverage trusted peer groups in the industry to solve perplexing problems and increase conversions for their products.

You can search social sites like LinkedIn for people who are interested in affiliate marketing. Then, connect with them. There are many great people. Many other affiliate marketers would love to mentor newbies in the industry or bounce ideas off other seasoned professionals.

Don’t play the affiliate marketing game alone!