What is a 2 Step URL? How can I rank my keywords in Amazon search results page?

Every Amazon FBA seller needs to know what a 2 Step URL is and a lot of the big Amazon Product Launch Services such as Viral LaunchMarket HustlAMZ Blitz, etc. use this method to improve your sales quickly. The goal of the 2 Step URL is getting the ranking for keywords safely, so it’s not a Super URL. Besides since Amazon’s last update, Super URLs are not working anymore. If you don’t know what a Super URL is, you may check it here and for further information regarding the last update about Super URLs please read my Note[1] at the bottom of this post.

The 2 Step URL method is completely in accordance with Amazon’s Terms of Service and it’s completely using Amazon’s internal algorithm to actually give you keyword boost. Just to be more clear I’ll try to explain it by giving an example. Let’s search for keyword “fidget spinner” for instance. Below screenshot is the 3rd Search Result Page for keywords “fidget spinner”:

The first 3 products on the left are sponsored ones, so let’s pick the highlighted one on the right. So what I’m gonna do is go to this product and I’m gonna find where it says “Sold by” and click on that:

This will take me to a screen that looks like this and I’m gonna click on “power-innovation storefront”.

Once I got there, I’m gonna type my desired keywords which I wanna boost in search results, so in this case, I’m gonna type “fidget spinner” in the Storefront search bar. Make sure that little box to left says your storefront name where it says “power-innovation” and make sure that it doesn’t say Amazon or Home&Kitchen or any other category, make sure it says your store name:

If you don’t have multiple products with the same keyword, your search result page should show you just 1 product and the URL given above/below is already your 2 Step URL. In other words, if you only have just 1 product with your desired keyword this Storefront Search Result Page URL is your 2 Step URL as shown here:

In our case, we have 2 fidget spinners in our Storefront Search Result Page. So what if we have more than 1 product in our Storefront Search Result Page? So if you don’t want people to get confused when they come here, see multiple products and you want them to buy the one on the left, you don’t want them to show up other products, how do you control this to force it to go to the one that you want? This is a big problem a lot of sellers have. So what you wanna do is to enter a simple code at the very end of that URL: &field-asin=XXXXXXXXXX where those all Xs are your product’s ASIN number. So take a look at this example:


There’s is no other products out there, people cannot get confused because the result page is showing just one product, the one you wanna boost its keywords. So if you have more than 1 item with that specific keyword and you want to display a specific one based on its ASIN number, this is your 2 Step URL how should look like:

Now, what will happen with this 2 Step URL? When you give this link out, someone clicks it they’re gonna come to this page they click to buy it, add to their shopping cart and you’re gonna get a big boost on the keywords (“fidget spinners” in this case). As mentioned before, the main objective of using a 2 Step URL is to give your product a keyword boost; your product will start to climb through all the search results pages till page number 1, then you will start to get free traffic to your listing and start to make more money by organic sales. No PPC’s, no off-Amazon advertisements, no giveaways.

Investing in your product improvement is not enough. But you have to invest in your keywords as well. And the best thing about this investment is that the 2 Step URLs are completely Amazon’s Terms of Service compliant so it’s totally risk-free. Use this URL in your Facebook Ads, on Social Media. You’ll have good results in the long run.

[1]: Since Amazon’s last update, Amazon has put a simple unique “qid” code number to the search result page URL and that number changes on every single search attempt. You may try it by your self.

Thanks to fba paladins and Ozgur Sendir for the great article.